Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rock a bye baby

Nona had the day off today and picked up Cara. Such fun! I came over after work and we all had supper. Cara was a little pig tonight; she cleaned her plate and then some.
Nona brought down Meg's old rocking chair (I think it was Meg's.... maybe it was mine. Hmmm.) and Cara went NUTS for it. She had a ball. Mom had to hold onto her because she was rocking herself out of the chair. The pillow that she insisted on sitting on didn't help there either.... pretty funny.
She was so tired tonight that she got pretty upset getting ready for bed. Hopefully she will nap better tomorrow... it's been a tough week sleep-wise, but it's to be expected with the new daycare. And since otherwise she is doing great, I really can't complain.
I had a busy day... and a busy night ahead of me... no time for slacking here! I love Christmas but I always have too much to do. So off I go to finish cards and calendars and other such fun things.


This should have been posted yesterday but hey, better late than never, right?
So the good folks at Primrose have discovered that Cara can wear her hair in a ponytail! I didn't recognize her when I picked her up... I was looking for long blonde hair and had to do a double take. Pretty funny.
We went and did our civic duty and got a sticker for our efforts. Very exciting. Yup. Actually Cara charmed everyone at the polls by declaring loudly "Vote! Vote!"
We had a good dinner and then spent some quality time with a paintbrush. Always a popular activity : )