Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday!

We had a birthday extravaganza this weekend, and a very very happy two year old as a result. (Two years old! I can't believe it!) Cara, by the way, happily tells you she is "Two month old!" when asked. She also holds up 5 fingers. : )

While Cara was napping Saturday afternoon, Tim and I decorated the house and pulled out the birthday cake: a handmade carousel cake. The pink icing looks a little neon, but in real life it was very nice.

The horses turned out really cute! I was pretty pleased. (They taste good too. Mmmm chocolate.)
The best part was hearing Cara say "Wowwwww! Look at that!!!" when she walked in the room. She was very excited and immediately wanted to eat it.

We had a very nice party with our family...

She loved all of her presents... of course everything had to be immediately unwrapped and enjoyed... reading her new books...

playing with the farm animals Gigi painted...

The baby carriage was a big hit...

And best of all, a great big sand and water table from Mommy and Daddy! Such fun!

Cara loved her cake and made a wish for "Big Presents" (cause she doesn't have enough already)... and blew out her candles all by herself.

Sunday was a bright sunny day... so we went to the Yellow River Game Ranch in the morning. If you aren't familiar with the game ranch, it's like a colossal petting zoo where you can feed a whole bunch of different animals.

They have deer roaming freely... very tame... (Pardon the photo, I can't get it to turn properly for some reason.)Cara had a very good time, although the more aggressive animals made her a little nervous - the goats and ducks were a little too eager, and she wouldn't feed them - "Mommy, you do it! No, you do it, Mommy!"

But the bunny rabbits... well, that is a different story.
Even Daddy got into the action.

Notice how Cara is holding the poor rabbit's head: force-feeding at its finest. (Fortunately the rabbit was perfectly happy to be force fed....)
And we ended the day with Cara's favorite meal: "Noodles," green beans, salad, and bread. And cake too, of course!

All together, a wonderful birthday for a wonderful girl!

Friday, March 20, 2009

bubbles, part 2

Courtesy of my amazing and talented neighbor, Kelly. This makes me want to get a professional camera.... now, whether or not I'd get pictures this good is another story.
I would like to comment that this very sweet looking little girl is actually being naughty... the smile is an attempt to convince me that she doesn't really need to listen to what Mommy says... it didn't work.... but it did make a great picture!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chef Cara

We made pizza tonight. Yum!!

She ate a lot of the ingredients while we cooked... but that's ok.

Mmmmmm! Pizza! Oh wait, according to Cara, she's eating "Quesadilla!"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


It was bubble madness at our house yesterday...

Spring has finally arrived! Life is good.

And finally... Tim, spending quality time with our daughter. Sorry, sweetie, couldn't resist exposing this to the world.


I haven't posted in a week or two, so here is the best of what I was too lazy/busy/insane to post....
Bouncing baby at Catch Air....
Tristan and Jenna at Catch Air (isn't he big!!)
A rainy day fashion show... please note I did NOT choose the clothes or accessories...

More fashion show.... You are missing the light up slippers, which really add to the overall errrrrr glamour of this outfit.

Last but not least, this is from tonight.