Thursday, October 30, 2008

And happy boo to you too!

We are about to wash our hands with Mimi.... which is apparently VASTLY entertaining to a 19 month old. Go figure.
Only 1 hour nap today and ran around like a crazy girl at Mimi's so she was both tired and grumpy tonight. Oh, and then she didn't want to eat. Lovely.
Early bed..... hopefully tomorrow will be more fun.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Thursday!

We woke up early (6am!!) but nevertheless happy. Note the red nose. Poor kid.

The early morning wakeup gave us time for a couple of books before leaving... that was nice. We talked all the way to school about it being dark and the sun coming up. Cara apparently thinks you turn off all the lights, including the sun. "Dark. Daddy off?" she kept saying. Isn't it nice to know you are all powerful? We should remember this when she hits 13 or so.

A good day overall. She will be very happy to see you tomorrow!

I spent a somewhat exasperating 45 minutes at Stride Rite at lunch trying to find Cara dress shoes. Apparently size 7 extra wide is not a popular option unless you are a boy. We had exactly one option that wasn't patent leather or sneakers. I ordered them..... hope you like them.... pray they actually fit...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Have spoon, will eat

I was pretty impressed with how well she did with a spoon. Please note this is the EXACT same stew that she would not touch yesterday. Somehow it tastes much better today.
I don't know if you can see it here, but her nose is pretty rough. They are putting vaseline on it at school. Hope this cold gets better soon.
We had a pretty uneventful evening. Of note:
- The phrase of the day was "Pumpkins everywhere!"
- She was a little put out that Mommy did the bath tonight and said "Daddy bath?" a couple of times. She also wanted to give you a kiss goodnight and apparently decided that you must have gone to bed, because she told me you were sleeping.
- I put her down a little early tonight; despite a great nap today, she was pretty tired.

Welcome to your Daily Dose of Cara

So, Tim.... remember when I went to Budapest last year? You sent me daily photos of our darling girl. Every morning I'd wake up, open up my email, and get to see her smiling face. It was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done. It made being away just a little bit easier.

Today is your first day on the road. It's going to be hard being away sometimes, for all three of us. So to make things a little better.... I'm starting this blog. Yup. It's your daily dose of Cara. And sometimes me. And sometimes the cats. But mostly the star of the show, your darling girl.

I hope you enjoy it! (And I hope I remember to keep it up!)