Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good: my kid actually ate broccoli tonight and liked it!!! (Notice, however, the untouched carrots. If she accidently gets one in her mouth, she fishes it back out immediately, making a grand face. I think she takes after me. Carrots... yuck!!)

The bad: She woke up at 5:45am and wouldn't go back to sleep. And although I put her in bed early tonight and she was clearly tired.... she didn't actually fall asleep til 8:30.

The ugly: We both have a nasty, persistent, deep, medication-defying cough left over from anotherwise minor cold... I am listening to her, asleep, coughing on and off, right now.

Sigh. Do I wake her, give her honey and some water in the hopes of making the cough go away, and pray she goes back to sleep quickly? Or do I let her cough, hoping it will subside on its own? I HATE making these kind of choices.
I hate this stupid cough. Neither of us is actively sick anymore, but the cough doesn't want to go away. I have drunk more tea and honey today than a whole boat of British grandmothers. Cara is going to be addicted to honey, which does help a little, but doesn't last very long. Arrrrgggghhhh. The only saving grace is that my cough is much worse than hers, which is FAR better than the reverse situation.
Ah... she has stopped coughing... for now, anyway. Big Mommy sigh of relief. And if you tell me that I worry too much, I am going to throw the honey at you. : P

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A month of posts, all rolled into one

I'm either a slacker or a super busy mom.... but I haven't posted in a month. Tim is protesting. Soooooo.... hang onto your hats - here's our entire December, rolled into one big post.

We spent quality time making ornaments... Cara cut them out, painted them (and herself, gleefully), and generally had a great time. They turned out really well.

We also made Christmas cookies at Mimi's, which was a LOT of fun. Of course Cara thinks anything involving Emily and Anna Kate is a good time, but throw in something that is both messy and tastes good... well you clearly have a winning combination.

Mmmmm cookies.Aren't the girls cute? They have a lot of fun together.

We played at Tristan's birthday party...

And discovered the joys of the merry go round... it is HARD to get a good picture of your kid on the merry go round... good job, Tim!

And of course we had a VERY Merry Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve at Nona and Poppa's house...

Christmas Morning at our house, which for some reason I have no photos of her opening presents from Santa... hmmmm......

And Christmas day at Mimi and Grandpa's. No, we did not get her Guitar Hero.... it's Emily's.... but we do have a budding musician.... she busts out her drums whenever the older folks playing. Great fun for everybody.

And last but not least....... Emily and Anna Kate spent the night.... which was lots of fun for everyone. Our kitchen turned into a race track. Pretty entertaining.

Whew!!! Here's my new year's resolution: POST MORE OFTEN. This many photos in one post is really complicated.
Happy New Year, everybody!